Celebrating Chinese New Year with YZU International Students

Photo illustrating the news item

In the winter season, aside from Christmas, it is also the celebration of the Lunar New Year which brings family members altogether. This spring festival is important for Asians because it represents the reunion and the start of a brand-new lunar calendar year. However, considering the ongoing pandemic situation, most foreign students choose to stay in Taiwan during the winter vacation.

To cheer up a festive atmosphere, in January 2022, Yuan Ze University’s Global Affairs Office (GAO) held several small activities to take care of foreign students who were unable to return home. The GAO Chairman, Prof. Chih-Yang Lin, hopes that these activities arranged can little appease international students who miss their hometown, and he also encourages them to celebrate a warm festive with their friends.

Firstly, the dormitories have been decorated with strings of small firecrackers, red couplets, and paper cuts with good wishes in Chinese characters. Also, prayer rooms are ready for Muslim students. In addition, every foreign student has received a surprise grab bag. GAO prepared them with hearty Taiwanese snacks for the students to enjoy during the holiday.

Taking the idea of winning a lottery in the Spring Festival, on the day of the grab bag collection, foreign students get to participate in a lucky draw as well. GAO hopes that the foreign students can experience the thrill of unknown wonders, and wish the lucky winners a prosperous year ahead. Merreka, a Philippino from the College of Informatics, said “I am truly blessed to be one of the YZU students; so happy and thankful to get these lovely Chinese New Year goodies from GAO!

For announcements about future activities, please keep an eye on gao.yzu.edu.tw

Jan 24, 2022