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Founded in 1993, the College of Management carries on the motto of“Excellence, Thoroughness, Vision, Harmony and Innovation” of the Far Eastern Group and Yuan Ze University by establishing the GMS program in 2023. Since its inception, the program has attracted local and international students in a multicultural learning environment. With 80% of students coming from a foreign country, the program is poised to lead everyone on the journey to becoming an international bilingual talent.

The GMS program is conducted entirely in English, allowing you to elect a concentration in Finance and Accounting. For learning goals, our students will be able to identify real-life finance or accounting issues and explain the related observations or phenomena based on financial or accounting theoretical concepts. Will be able to formulate financial or accounting strategies and policies that lead to theoretically sound and practically feasible solutions to real-life issues.

The program emphasizes complex problem-solving skills and communication skills to cultivate students’ core competencies.

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: 美國

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: 美國