International Foundation Program

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2023 Fall Semester (September entry)
Online registration:2023.07.01-2023.07.31

Application Brochure

Important Dates

Online application:2023.07.01-2023.07.31
Review application:2023.08.01-2023.08.10
Announcement of admission results:2023.08.15
Sending Admission Letter:2023.08.28

Required Documents

1. Certificate of Identity

2. Certificate of Education Such as a Diploma/Certificate of Enrollment

3. Academic Transcript

4. Autobiography

5. Photo: Each applicant must submit a 2x2-inch headshot taken within the last 6 months and show a full front view of the face without wearing a hat.

6. Declaration for International Students of Yuan Ze University

7.Survey of The Applicant’s Chinese Learning Background

8. Financial Statement: An official bank statement (in Traditional Chinese or English) that indicates an account balance of more than NTD$120,000 (or USD$4,000). The statement has to be issued by a financial institution within the last 3 months to the application date or a certificate of receiving scholarship from Taiwan Government. If the bank statement is not the applicant himself/herself, a statement from the sponsor(in Traditional Chinese or English) is required.

9. Other Supporting Documents: Proof of achievement of specialized works (or special performances), other relevant licenses, certifications. Please attach English certificates if the applicants are applying for an English Program.

All required application forms and relevant documents must be completed before the deadlines. Applications that are incomplete or received after the deadline will NOT be accepted. Applicants must assume full responsibility for a rejected application.