Global Affairs Office and College of Management-EMI Office jointly organized a cultural exchange trip, which was well received by international and local students!

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Global Affairs Office collaborated with the College of Management-EMI Office for the first time this year to organize three full-English cultural exchange tours to promote the integration of overseas and local students.

Trip 1: Taitung Aboriginal Cultural Experience for 3 days and 2 nights

Sakuragi Flower Road Level Crossing/Duoliang Station/ Jinlun Beach/ Millennium Dawn Memorial Park/ Millennium Dawn Memorial District/
Bunun Tribe Cultural Park| Pasibutbut “Eight Part Harmony” Performance,(Lunch) Creative Cuisine~ Heaven’s Road of Chishang~ Bicycle ride on Mr. Brown Avenue & Takeshi Kaneshiro Tree/ Golden Harvest/ Luye Gaotai Tea Garden
Jialulan Recreation Area/ Pisirian/Sanxiantai/ East Coast National Scenic Area/ Old Donghe Bridge/ Jinzun Recreation Area/ Water Flowing Upwards

Trip 2: Taoyuan Tu Di Gong Culture Museum
Traditional Taiwanese culture experience-Tu Di Gong Cultural Center / Appreciation of Southern Fujian Puppet Show, Dough figurine DIY )

Trip 3: Zhongzhen New Village Cultural Park
Lost Army Story House/Muslim Culture/ Jingpo People’s Dustpan Feasting and Singing Interaction/ Rice Noodle DIY

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Jul 14, 2022